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                                       Bob's videotape shop


Hi folks & welcome to my pre-recorded Videotape shop, in which I have on sale the following PAL original tapes, BBC or Soverign video. In good condition.

Please e-mail (remove the two “xx” please, introduced for spam reasons) for further information & current availability.

Updated Sunday, 20 March 2005


1.      The fourth horseman & Genesis  (1 BBC copy available)

2.      Gone away & Corn Dolly (3 BBC copies available)

3.      Gone to the angels & Garlands war (1 BBC copy available)

4.      Starvation & Spoil of war (1 BBC copy available)

5.      Law and order & The future hour (1 Sovereign & 1 BBC copy available)

6.      Revenge, Something of value & A Beginning (1 BBC copy available)

 All tapes at £9.00 each Inc postage (uk) 3 or more, £8 each.


DOOMWATCH  BBC video The plastic eaters & Tomorrow the rat      £8.00 inc post (uk)


THE WICKER MAN WB Video VHS pal (1972) in good condition at £8 inc P&P.


Virus  An 'Intervision' original tape slightly worn £6 inc post (uk) or these two tapes at £12.

I have an extensive archive of recordings, inc Seasons

TWO & THREE of TERRY NATION’S SURVIVORS, which can be on DVD or VHS. Also available:





NO BLADE OF GRASS.                                                   

Again, these can be on VHS or DVD.

Please email for my list, which is in the form of a MS word, HTML or a PDF Attachment. (Please state preference)



DULCIMA (1971 Col) 98 Mins. This beautiful English  film, which stars John Mills & the late Carol White, was made on location  in the Tetbury district, a few miles south of Survivorland. It is based on a H.E. Bates story. Quality good. Also included on the recording: Five go mad in Dorset. 30 Min also see my DULCIMA locations Etc. page at:

£16 inc UK P&P or £16 on DVD inc UK post. The book that the film was based on is often also available from me, see my “Books” page for availability.


 The Deanna Durbin classic: Never released on video…until now! – But too good to rot in an archive whilst Universal quibble over ‘Rights’:

“SPRING PARADE” (B&W 90 min 1940) Inc ‘Its foolish but its fun’ ‘Waltzing in the clouds’ ‘ When April sings’ and others. Probably the best film Deanna made.   The picture quality is only moderate, audio is surprisingly good, it is an NTSC conversion, but your ‘Mum’ will love it! £13 inc UK p&p. or £15 on DVD inc UK post


And VIRUS (1980), probably the best made film of “End of the world – apart from a few” subject EVER made in my humble opinion. I can supply two versions, the 120min International version & the full length 150 min version. Please see my list for full details. This film is the closest I have seen to an “International Survivors”


Contact: IMPORTANT Please remove the two “x”s when your e-mail program opens, this has been done for SPAM reasons, thanks.


I Also have quite a few films which starred Hayley Mills: EG Endless Night, Truth about Spring Etc.

Please enquire for details.

Bob Meade