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Sunday, 20 March 2005                                      

Hi Good people.

Welcome to my section of interest to the Bookworms amongst us, yes – there is nothing I like better than a browse around a second-hand  bookshop or two, that’s how I can offer many of the books below.

Also listed are books I do not have for sale, but are of interest to Survivors & Terry Nation fans.  Please note ‘SURVIVORS’ & ‘GENESIS’ are in great demand & very difficult to find now, if you would like me to put you on my list for them, please e-mail me.

NEW: There is a price reduction in of 10%, if  5 or more books are ordered at one time.

Abbreviations: DJ= Dust jacket, HB= Hardback, PB= Paperback, P&P= UK post & packing. (Overseas, please enquire to:  (remove the two “x”s please, SPAM prevention, thanks)



Book 1.‘SURVIVORS’. By Terry Nation (1975). Hardback, or Paperback.  Now extremely rare. It was also published in the U.S.A. in H/B,  with a few changes in the text, ie Gasoline, instead of Petrol !.A copy recently sold for about £100! [Sorry, no copies are available at the moment]


Book 1B ‘REBECCA’S WORLD, Journey to the forbidden planet’ By Terry Nation (1975) A very rare children’s book by Terry. [sorry, no copies available at present]


Book 2.‘SURVIVORS, GENESIS OF A HERO.’ By John Eyers (1977) Hardback or paperback.  Even rarer than Terry’s book. No copies available at the moment.


Book 3.‘EARTH ABIDES’, by George R. Stewart. I believe this book; along with “Day of the triffids” was Terry Nation’s inspiration to create Survivors Copy available {one very rare (1950, Victor Gollancz pub) H/B copy for sale, at £12 Inc post, also PB copies available now at £6 upwards (depending on condition) -inc UK post}


Book 4.‘THE SEVENTH ENEMY’ by Ronald Higgins. A ‘Problems of mankind’ book. Ronald told Terry Dudley of the perfect place to make the second season of Survivors (Callow Hill). Higgins originally planned to make a film of his book there.

[one HB copy available at £10 inc P&P]



Book 5.‘DEATH OF GRASS’ 1956 by John Christopher.  [One PB copy available in average condition at £9 inc P&P]


Book 5A ‘A WRINKLE IN THE SKIN’ by John Christopher Concerning the world ruined by earthquakes & one man’s voyage across the (now) seabed from Jersey to England, Great Survivor type story. [One paperback copy in average condition available at: £9 inc UK P&P]


Book 5B ‘THE WORLD IN WINTER’ 1962 By John Christopher. Another “world disaster” book, by this author.

PB copies available at £5 inc P&P. HB copy also available at £7 inc P&P


Book 5C ‘THE YEAR OF THE COMET’ 1955 by John Christopher. PB copy at £5 inc P&P.


Book 5D ‘THE POSSESSORS’ 1965 by John Christopher. PB copy at £5 inc P&P.


Book 5E ‘THE LITTLE PEOPLE’ 1966 by John Christopher. PB copy at £5 inc P&P


Book 5F ‘PENDULUM’ 1968 by John Christopher. HB copy at £10 inc P&P.


Book 5G ‘THE 22nd CENTURY’ 1954 a Compilation of short stories by John Christopher. PB copy at £5. inc P&P.


Book 5H  ‘EMPTY WORLD’ 1977 no copies available at present.


Book 5J ‘THE PRINCE IN WAITING’ 1971 one PB copy in average condition at £4 inc UK P&P

              Also a copy of the trilogy – Prince in waiting, beyond the burning lands & Sword of the spirits. PB In Average condition at £9 inc P&P.


Book 5K ‘THE LOTUS CAVES’ PB copy available in average condition at £6 inc P&P


‘The making of Terry Nation’s survivors,’ by Kevin Marshall. Very rare. No copies for sale.


Book 6.‘CELIA JOHNSON’ By Kate Fleming. A biography about Lucy (Jenny Richards) Fleming’s mother, Dame Celia Johnson, inc making of ‘Brief Encounter’. Written by Lucy’s sister Kate. A very interesting, well written book, covering Lucy’s family, and part of Lucy’s life.

H.B. or P.B. [ 1 PB copy now available, cover slightly worn, otherwise OK. £8 inc UK P&P] Also a HB copy in good condition with DW at £10 inc.


Book 7 'THE CHURCHILLS,'  Again written by Lucy's sister Kate Fleming, in 1973. All about Sir Winston Churchill's family background, going back to the 1600s. [one HB copy for sale with DJ & good condition at £7.00 inc P&P]


Book 8 ‘PETER FLEMING’ By Duff Hart-Davis. (1973) The biography of Lucy Fleming’s father. Travel writer, served with S.O.E. during WW2, landowner, writer and father. Peter lived at, & ran the Nettlebed estate, near Henley on Thames, on very old fashioned lines, as Lucy & her sister Kate still do to this day!. Another very well written book, in H.B. & P.B. and Quite rare.

[One HB copy now available, no D.J. at £10 inc uk P&P]



Book 8b ‘COUNTER PARADISE’ by Nichol Fleming (1968) (Lucy’s late brother) a somewhat James Bond type novel, but quite readable. [one HB copy with DJ available at £10 inc uk P&P]


Book 8c 'FURTHER COUNTRY MATTERS' by Duff Hart-davis. H.B. good condition. £5 inc post


Book 9a.‘ONE'S COMPANY’ 1934 by Peter Fleming. One of his famous travel books. [one P.B. copy available at £5 inc post]


Book 9b 'INVASION 1940' again, by Peter Fleming (1957). A book about what could have happened, if Hitler's 'Operation Sealion' (the plan to invade England) had taken place. [one HB copy available at £7.00 inc P&P also a PB copy available at £5 inc]


Book 9c 'BAYONETS TO LHASA' 1961 by Peter Fleming concerning the British invasion of Tibet in 1904 [one HB copy, no D.j. £6 inc post]


Book 10 'THE LOST TRIBE' by Jack Ronder (author of Corn Dolly etc) PB copy available at £5 inc p&p


Book 11 'MALEVIL' (1975) by Robert Merle Translated from french, this is is about a group of people who survive a nuclear war, then rebuild their world. {1 copy PB £10 inc post}, inc free copy of 'DAY OF THE DOLPHIN' by the same author.


Book 12  'AVON A TERRIBLE ASPECT' by Paul Darrow. A very rare book spinoff from BLAKES 7.    {no copies available at present}


Book 13  ‘AFTERLIFE’ by Tony Attwood. A Blakes 7 sequel story {sorry, no copies available}


Book 13A BLAKES 7 books: Blakes 7, Project Avalon & Scorpio attack -  PB, £6 each inc P&P or all 3 at £16 inc P&P


Book 13B BLAKES 7 The programme guide by Tony Attwood PB at £6 inc P&P


Book 14 ‘AND SO ENDS THE WORLD’ by Richard Pape (1961) The world is dying of a cosmic holocaust of it’s own making. [no copies available]


Book 15 ‘ THE BIOLOGICAL TIMB BOMB’ by Gordon Rattray Taylor (1968) It was ideas in this rare book, that formed part of the foundation that some writers of Doomwatch & Survivors worked from. [One HB copy in good condition + DJ available at £12 Inc UK post, and a PB copy at £5 inc P&P]


Book 16 ‘THE HOMICIDAL EARL’ By Saul David (1997) concerning Lord Cardigan & the charge of the light brigade in 1854. Interesting, because Saul David, lives & writes at Callow hill (Whitecross), in a similar ‘House on stilts’ to the one where Jenny & Greg lived, in Survivors S2. [One HB mint condition copy with DJ at £10 Inc P&P]


Book 17 ‘THE DROUGHT’ by J.G. Ballard. Little water left on earth! Story. One PB copy available at £6 inc UK post.


Book 18 ‘A FOR ANDROMEDA’ by Fred Hoyle & John Elliot (1962). This is the book of the SF TV series, in fact the first SF series I watched when I was still at school in 1962. So you can tell it was special to me, not to the BBC though, they junked nearly all bar one episode. I have a PB copy of this one at £6 inc P&P.


Book 19 ‘THE COMING OF THE STRANGERS’ by John Lymington (1961) a SF tale of creatures invading from the sea!  One faded paperback available at £5 inc UK P&P.


Book 20 ‘MOUSE CODE’ 1977 a children’s book by Survivors scriptwriter Jack Ronder. £10 inc P&P


Book 20A ‘THE LOST TRIBE’ 1980 also by Jack Ronder. PB copy at £5, rare HB copy at £11 inc P&P


Book 21 ‘ THE END OF THE DREAM’ by Philip Wylie (author of ‘When worlds collide’) one PB copy in average condition at: £6 inc P&P


Book 22 ‘TIMESLIP’ by Bruce Stewart. One PB copy available at £5 inc UK P&P


Book 23 ‘DULCIMA’ by H.E. Bates. The book that the 1971 film was based on, two versions available, one with only Dulcima & one with two other short stories. Copies available at  £6 inc UK P&P




E-Mail me please, for ordering information at: IMPORTANT when your e-mail program has opened, remove the 2 “x” s from the address please, this is to stop spam