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Below, you will find articles of interest about Lucy Fleming - or Jenny Richards, as she was known in Survivors!

Having arranged to Go to the theatre this Saturday afternoon: The Watermill, near Newbury – I arrived there very early, mainly due to the limited parking there, I had a brief look around at the local river life: Ducks – Swans – Geese & all, it is a beautiful spot, then the Actress I was hoping to meet arrived: Yes the lady who portrayed Jenny Richards in Survivors – one Lucy Fleming. We met with hugs & kisses, and then Lucy kindly posed for a bit of video photography on the side of the river. Sadly, I had forgotten to replace the flat batteries in my digital still camera.

 It was a bit chilly outside so we repaired to the Theatre bar where Lucy kindly brought me a drink!

Lucy was playing the part of Gwen Cedar, in the W. Somerset Maugham play: “For services rendered”. It is quite an involved part in which Lucy’s Character is a rather batty put upon wife. Lucy does this very well! The play also has Simon Slater in the cast – he played the character: “Fleming” in Monarch of the glen, Simon also created the music for the play – I remember him playing the piano in “Monarch”

 It is quite a moving story, with some anti war overtones – but all the cast perform the script with great aplomb.

 Chatting with Lucy I asked after her children: Diggory & Robert Laycock. It seems that Robert is in the TV business also looking after the late Ian Fleming’s Literature rights (Lucy’s Uncle) – Diggory works at writing Computer programs that use the MAC system.

 I then turned the subject to the possibility of a New series of Survivors, there are several options on the table, Making a new series, set in the present day, scripted by Russell T. Davis seems one possibility (Lucy feels he is a good scriptwriter) Another possibility is (my favourite & Kate Nation’s) The series set 30 years in the future of the original one, Lucy offered the idea to bring the modern viewer up to speed, by going back to the last series via Dr Who’s Tardis! I think she was probably joking though. I complimented Lucy on her – with no face lifts – young looks As also is Carolyn Seymour of course. What is their secret? Come on, tell us! We laughed about if Ian McCulloch wishes to reprise “Greg” he will need to lose some weight! I suggested Lucy’s Husband Simon Williams for the part, which could be a possibility.

 We talked about when Lucy met Stephen Dudley recording the DVD extras – she did not recognise him at first, not having met him for many years.

 I bought up the subject of how Lucy feels to be part of such a talented family (Actors, bankers, writers & travellers) & would she sometimes like to be part of an “ordinary” family.

Lucy has just finished filming “Out of the night” a gothic horror film set in Yorkshire, so she has been busy.

 Our Lucy then went to prepare herself for the show – which I very much enjoyed - & told her afterwards!

C copyright Bob Meade - 2007

Lucy Fleming, at the Watermill, Newbury.

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